By Eloise Evans on 07/02/2017

Local pair launch new electrical services franchise in North East London

Mr. Electric, an electrical installation, repair and maintenance services franchise, to be launched by local pair and to cover Loughton and the surrounding areas

A new Mr. Electric franchise has recently launched in Loughton. Local entrepreneurs Elliott Giannotti and Oliver Bendle are teaming up to tackle local residents’ electrical issues. Since running his own electrical business for two years, Elliott already has a lot of experience in helping customers.

Both Elliott and Oliver attended college at the same time to complete apprenticeships in Electrical Installations. Elliott managed to finish his four-year apprenticeship within three years and then worked with someone else. After a year he decided to take the risk and started up on his own. After a year of running the business, he then brought Oliver in to help him.

Now at only twenty-two, the pair have invested in the Mr. Electric franchise and are hoping to use the larger brand to widen their customer base and help as many people as they can. They know that with a larger team behind them, they will have better tools and resources to help their customers and do a good job.

They are already running a business that is different to other electricians. As Elliott’s mother was ripped off by a builder when he was younger, he decided that he would never do the same. Even now, he and Oliver find themselves fixing problems left behind by rogue traders that catch people out.

Elliott, said: “It’s frustrating. It’s not fair for the customers, especially the elderly and the vulnerable. These people take the money and sometimes don’t even do the job, let alone a good one. We find ourselves sorting out issues that are completely unsafe and wonder how other tradespeople can live with themselves.”

It’s a problem that happens all too often, but Elliott and Oliver are making their best effort to be the company that North East London and Essex will come to for help. They want to make sure that everyone is receiving a top-quality job with the highest level of customer service, and hopefully with the help of Mr. Electric will be able to help more people than ever!

If you need any electrical installations, repairs or maintenance, give them a call on 020 8090 0325!

Elliott receiving his certificated after successfully completing training with Mr. Electric 

Oliver receiving his certificated after successfully completing training with Mr. Electric 


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