Portable Appliance Testing, or PAT Testing, is the process of testing any portable appliance for health and safety reasons. These appliances are checked through a series of visual inspections and electronic tests to ensure the appliance is fully operational and safe.

PAT testing is the easiest way for business owners and landlords to certify that any appliances they are supplying are completely safe to use and are meeting any legal obligations and fulfilling their responsibility to maintain high safety standards in their property.

This guarantees any employees or tenants the safe use of any portable appliance whilst within the property.

A fully qualified, registered electrician will be able to carry out these tests and will visually inspect an appliance first, looking for any damage or incorrectly marked or wired components. These visual checks check the appliance itself, the plug and its lead to make sure everything is completely safe. If it is a Class 1 appliance, they will also do some electrical tests, whereby they inject test signals into the cable and the appliance to test their safety.

Once the PAT testing has been fully completed, you will receive a report which includes a list of all the appliances tested, if they have passed or failed, and if they have failed, an explanation as to why. You will also be provided with a visible pass or fail label, details for the date the inspection took place when it is next due for a test and the inspector’s signature.

When you are using portable electronic appliances for business or commercial use, you may need to have PAT Testing completed to follow health and safety guidelines. Mr. Electric London North East can guarantee the safety of your appliances by completing any PAT tests that are a necessity for your appliances to keep your customers, employees or tenants safe.

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