The Boiler Management Unit is installed between the thermostat and the burner valve

It alters the firing pattern of the boiler creating fewer but slightly longer burn periods.  The overall effect is to reduce the amount of time the boiler is burning.  For example, 8 burns of 10 minutes in a 4-hour period will be typically reduced to 5 burns of 12.5 minutes, i.e. a 21% reduction.  Think of a car running a lot of short journeys compared with fewer longer journeys, which results in more efficient fuel consumption.

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The Boiler Management Unit is proven to save energy and money in two ways: 

  • The Boiler Management Unit is the only energy saving product whose performance has been independently certified by the Building Research Establishment - Certificate CFP 348.  During extensive laboratory tests, the Boiler Management Units proved it could deliver savings of up to 21%. 
  • Secondly, the Boiler Management Unit is designed to continuously analyse the energy savings that it is making.  Every 50 boiler cycles the Boiler Management Unit will take itself out of circuit and compare the fuel consumption when it is in and out of circuit.  It will then calculate a savings report which it will hold in its memory producing a record of the savings over 150 boiler cycles. This information can then be downloaded to demonstrate the savings that you are making.


A Boiler Management Unit can be installed to your existing boiler and Mr Electric has already fitted hundreds of these units to gas boilers in the UK to customers who are now benefitting from these savings.


Installing a Boiler Management Unit can save between 15 and 20 percent on heating bills.  To Find out more about the savings you could make by installing a Boiler Management Unit click below to take a no obligation survey or call 020 8090 0325