The SIG energy measurement unit measures how much energy a building is using, and is able to assess how much energy is being used on each individual circuit. By breaking down the energy consumption in this way the SIG measurement Unit clearly shows where there are opportunities to save energy.

How does a SIG Meter work?

The SIG measurement Unit shows energy consumption over time by circuit, enabling you to build up a picture of how energy is being used and indicating what the most effective ways of saving energy would be by changing equipment and the way it is used, or fitting further energy saving measures.

The SIG measurement unit allows you to compare energy being used on any circuit over a given period, allowing you to measure the effect that energy saving measures are having on your energy bills. It does this in two ways:

  • The SIG measurement unit can send texts and email alerts updating you on energy consumption and performance of the system making sure that you are in control of your energy costs.
  • You are also able to access The Sig Website to see a more detailed breakdown of energy consumption over a specific period and how this compares to an equivalent period a week, month or year ago.

Why Chose a SIG measurement Unit

  • The SIG unit enables you to measure the energy used on each individual circuit enabling you to accurately pinpoint areas where energy can be saved.
  • You can track your energy consumption remotely helping to identify specific energy saving opportunities at different times of day.
  • The SIG unit will highlight energy saving opportunity straight away so return on investment can be as little as a few weeks.
  • Everything can be monitored in real time. Once fitted, the Sig unit can show you the how much energy is being used on each circuit and help decide what subsequent actions can be taken including  fitting energy saving  equipment to reduce electricity usage by around 30%.


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